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About SCKD

SCKD is the acronym for Sky Creation Keat Design and was founded by 2 of the industry’s most respected figures, Dr. Sky Tan and Prof. Keat Ong. Both veterans brought a complete solution for the built environment industry with highly specialized teams handling the sophisticated processes from design, project management, and construction to styling. Headquartered in Singapore, SCKD has a vast network in Asia with offices in Malaysia and China.

Vision & Mission

EXPERIMENT on design with endless possibilities and outcomes
EXECUTE on projects with precision and passion
ENERGISE the community with new methodology and models
EXCHANGE ideas and build knowledge based on communications
EXPORT good products and services to the region and beyond with Singapore as the HQ

Our Partners

Keat Ong Design is a multidisciplinary design studio that specializes in spatial design.

As the research and development arm of Nota Design Group  and led by award-winning designer, Keat Ong,
KOD  is selective over the projects it undertakes. KOD  provides comprehensive design consultation services ranging from architectural, and interior to furniture design. 

KOD  has been involved in a wide range of project types, including hospitality, retail, exhibition, food & beverages, and residential and work spaces in Asia. 

KOD constantly explores the dualism between perfection and imperfection, as well as the relationship between design and art. Thus, the firm’s ethos –  A R T   O F   I M P E R F E C T I O N  
|   P E R F E C T I O N   O F   D E S I G N
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Our Industrial Partners

We are highly acclaimed partners that play an indispensable role in increasing the reputation of our design consultant team and also help maintain the quality services of our team. We only work with the best partners in the industry to ensures we can provide customers with the best quality of service.
Kec Sound & Vision
Official home entertainment system supplier
Official Flooring Partner (Malaysia)
Official media partners
Nippon Paint
Official paint partner
Official Natural Marble and Quartz Marble Supplier
Official outdoor decoration partner
Official High Pressure Laminate Flooring Partner (Region)
Official lighting, bathroom, light furniture supplier

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